5 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Have you and your special someone agreed to tie the knot? If so, you have plenty to do in the months ahead. From booking a venue to choosing a caterer, selecting a menu, hunting down the perfect dress, picking flowers and much more, a lot goes into planning a wedding no matter how big or small the guest list might be.

While that’s the case, most brides-to-be don’t have to plan their big day on their own even when their fiancées don’t want to be a big part of the planning process. Family members, friends and, usually above all, their bridesmaids are often eager to help. A typical bridesmaid is more than happy to stuff envelopes with wedding invitations, attend tastings and fittings and plan a bachelorette party and bridal shower.

Even though bridesmaids often do a lot, too many brides don’t remember to thank them for all their hard work and support. While giving gifts to the members of your bridal party isn’t required, doing so is a thoughtful way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them as people and how grateful you are for all their help.

Nightshirts or Pajamas

If you want to make your bridesmaids feel as special as you do, you can do it by pampering them the night before your big day by giving them monogrammed nightshirts or pajamas. If you’re all camping out in the same space the night before your wedding, the celebration can begin early with everyone wearing their personalized sleep attire as you engage in all the fun activities you have planned. And the great thing is that your girlfriends can wear their nightshirts or pajamas over and over again after your wedding to remind them of the togetherness your bridal party felt before, during and after your wedding.


As you probably know already, jewelry is often sold in collections. This makes it easy for you to give every bridesmaid a piece of jewelry that is unlike the tokens you’ll give others while still keeping with a common theme that can literally be displayed during your wedding.

Provisions Kit

Just because your bridesmaids won’t be the star of your wedding, it doesn’t mean they won’t want to look their best on your big day. You can help everyone look stunning by giving each of your bridesmaids a provisions kit that has everything necessary to remedy any fashion or beauty crisis, such as clear nail polish, hair spray and double-sided fashion tape. Be sure to make the kits you prepare small enough for your friends to stash in their travel bags when they travel for work so they can use them more than once.


If you want to keep the celebration going long after you say, “I do,” you can do it by giving your bridesmaids a subscription to something other than a magazine. From beer to wine, chocolates and much more, there isn’t a shortage of things you can arrange to have delivered to your besties for several months after you exchange vows with your significant other.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Custom wine glasses are a great way to thank your bridesmaids for being such a big part of your wedding. Whether you choose to go with funny wine glasses, cute wine glasses or another theme altogether, giving your bridesmaids unique wine glasses is a thoughtful way to ensure everyone remembers your special day whenever they relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

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