Santa Sacks, Santa Cams, & Creative Christmas Traditions

How do you celebrate Christmas every year? Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Do you decorate your home to the nines to show the whole neighborhood how enthused you are during the holiday season?

If you’re like many other revelers, you’ve probably developed some traditions that make the holidays even more special for you and your family. Of course, there’s always room for another Christmas tradition, isn’t there? If you’re trying to think of another tradition to add to your holiday repertoire, you’ve come to the right place to get some creative ideas.

Cookies and Milk for Santa Set

Don’t just serve Chris Kringle cookies and milk on any old plate when he slides down your chimney to deliver presents. Thank him for all his hard work by serving him snacks on his very own Santa plate. You can personalize our Cookies for Santa Plate with your family’s name for an even more personal touch. You can pair our Santa plate with one of our mugs to make a nice-looking set that Santa will enjoy.

Santa Sack

What do kids think is better than getting a gift from Santa? Getting a whole sack of presents, naturally! You can personalize our Santa Sack with your child’s name and re-use it year after year. A Santa sack isn’t just a great way to surprise your child, it’s also a wonderful way to deliver unwrapped gifts.


If you want to make the days leading up to Christmas exciting, you can do more than keep track of the days that pass using an Advent calendar. You can wrap books your kids will enjoy reading and give one to them on each of the 25 days before Christmas.

Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing like a good scavenger hunt, is there? You can incorporate the fun of a scavenger hunt into your holiday traditions by hosting one on Christmas day. After your kids go to bed on Christmas Eve, take one gift for each of them and hide them. Then, create clues your kids can use to find their last gifts the following day.

Letters to Santa

One way you can ensure your kids will always remember all the fun they had at Christmas when they’re adults is to save their letters to Santa. You can make copies of their letters and make books out of them that they’ll enjoy sharing with their own little ones. If haven’t done so already, make saving your kids’ letters to Santa one of your holiday traditions this year.

Santa Cam

Do your children need a little motivation to behave during the holidays? If so, a Santa cam can help. Our Santa Cam mimics the look of a real camera that Santa can use to keep tabs on your children. Our Santa Cam also includes a letter you can share with your kids if they get caught in the act of doing something naughty instead of something nice.

Whether you want a Santa Cam or another holiday-themed specialty item that can make Christmas even more special, shop with NAP Creations today.

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