What’s the Purpose of a Beer Koozie?

While the purpose of a beer mug is pretty self-evident, the purpose of a koozie isn’t necessarily as obvious. That is, the purpose of koozies isn’t always clear to people who aren’t too familiar with them.

The Origins of Koozies

Similar to how people use the term “Kleenex” to refer to a tissue or “Xerox” to reference a photocopy, many individuals say “koozie” when they’re talking about the familiar foam wrap often seen hugging beer cans and bottles. Like Kleenex and Xerox, “koozie” is a term that’s coined and trademarked. In fact, the Radio Cap Corporation started the KOOZIE brand and registered a trademark for the brand’s name in 1980. The company produced the first Styrofoam koozie just two years later.

Alternate Names for Koozies

Koozies are known by many names, some of which may differ depending on where you’re located in the world. If you’re in the United States, you may call koozies beer sleeves while residents of Australia are likely to refer to them as stubby holders.

Here are a few of the other names people use to refer to a beer koozie:

  • Beer rubber
  • Bottle buddy
  • Can cooler
  • Coldy-holdy
  • Scungi
  • Drink sheath
  • Tin can tauntaun

Why Use a Beer Koozie?

Many people assume that the purpose of a beer koozie is to keep a beverage cold. And we can tell you that they are correct. Although koozies are intended to keep canned and bottled beverages chilled during warmer weather, that’s not their only purpose.

Another reason why it’s advisable to use a koozie is to protect the taste of your beer. When a beer gets too warm, the liquid can become oxidized. If that happens, the beer will often have a flavor that’s reminiscent of cardboard or metal.

Do you need another reason to use a beer koozie? If so, you simply have to think about the carbonation that most beers have. If a beer isn’t brewed as a real ale and subsequently cask conditioned, you’d expect it to have a certain amount of refreshing carbonation when you drink it. If a beer gets too warm, however, it will lose its carbonation which will result in the beer going flat.

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